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England is a singular, peculiar country, formed over more than a thousand years of monarchical history and inhabited since remote antiquity.

As with any country that has a long history, England (and this site is about England, not Wales or Scotland) is a fragmented and sometimes frustrating geographical hotch-potch of areas generally known as Counties, the boundaries and indeed the names of which have changed and been restored over the years.

Many people (generally the ones who don’t live there) consider England as an unchanging landscape frozen in time. Not true. Like everywhere else, England is a dynamic and changing country though, to be fair, it does not change as quickly as some. The countryside of England is also thought to be changeless, though someone from the late 1700’s wouldn’t recognise most of it now.

This site is intended as a reference directory for people who enjoy that most timeless of pursuits - walking and rambling in the countryside. As a directory, we welcome submissions from walking groups, walking websites, official organisations concerned with walking and the outdoors - and of course the walkers themselves. We will be featuring articles on walking, walking equipment and clothing.

So - please contribute. If your group has a diary of walks planned, let us know. If you run a website about walking, we’ll be happy to feature it and exchange links. Cost? Nil. It’s all about promoting one of our most precious and beautiful resources - the English outdoors.