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A guide to the many attractions and places of interest in Cumbria, The Lake District, England, including historic buildings, lakes, preserved railways, churches, the National Trust, and much more. There are about 700 pages, and 1400 pictures.

Cumbria - Towns and Villages lists just about every town and village in the County, with locations and how-to-get-there maps.

Lakes Online specialises in finding accommodation in Cumbria with an extensive searchable database.

Cumbria: The Age Of Kings. This site is devoted to the history of Cumbria from late Roman times up until its absorption into Anglo Saxon rule (roughly 400-1066AD).  A fascinating insight into remote Cumbrian history

This link leads to a site looking at the industrial history of Cumbria through history and up to the present day.



Manchester UK here gives a fascinating insight into the history of the County. Try your Lancashire dialect here!

Walkingpages UK - some information on Lancashire and also a list of useful guide books

Visit Lancashire gives details of several walks in the area and also other useful information about many other outdoor pursuits.

Cheshire is the official tourist site for Cheshire - extensive information about Chester and the County.


The North West of England is a varied landscape, from the flat coastal plain of the Fylde to the wild fells of the Lake District. Manchester and Liverpool were both originally in Lancashire but, as the cities grew into their modern conurbations, they were changed to Metropolitan Boroughs and Lancashire shrank accordingly. Lancashire also once had the distinction of bein the only County (as far as we are aware) that was in two parts as it originally included the Furness peninsula that is now part of Cumbria. The formation of Cumbria also led to the demise of two ancient counties; Westmorland and Cumberland. It’s interesting to note that, with typical English phlegm, many Mancunians and Liverpudlians still consider themselves part of Lancashire, whilst the inhabitants of the former counties of Westmorland and Cumberland barely recognise the existence of Cumbria at all! Still, that’s the English for you!

The Lakes Guide has a collection of walks in some of the best scenery in the UK. Take a look at easy walks in the Lake District by clicking here.